Do you ever find it challenging keeping up with all the latest wellness trends? If you’re hooked on social media (which you likely are if you’re reading this), then it’s hard to resist the never ending feeds telling you what’s in & what’s OUT! From charcoal ice cream, sound baths, hygge, cryotherapy, to Chakra clearings, we're quick to jump on the bandwagon in hopes that something will enhance our happiness, youthfulness and vitality. If the thought of incorporating a new superfood or testing out a growing fitness trend puts you in an absolute panic (hello rising stress & heavy breathing), then we have a solution for you (you guessed it, it’s a current wellness trend), ADAPTOGENS! But this trend is all about helping your body ‘adapt' to stress (so you can breathe easy), cope with anxiety, & fight adrenal fatigue. Sounds like a magic potion, doesn’t it? No literally, these herbs are known as potions to the wellness world! But adaptogenic blends aren’t so easy on the bank (ugh, is anything these days?). But buying in bulk & concocting your own personalized potions is a little less cringe worthy. We’ve listed 5 of our favourite adaptogens to help you buy in alignment with your ‘goals.’ & remember, always pay close attention to how your body feels after using them, these may help bring your body back to its equilibrium, but they are not a cure for ailments. Dosages with vary from person to person, & as with any supplement, it's worth checking with your doctor to see whether you should be incorporating them into your diet in the first place. 

Adaptogens that made the top 5:

  1. Ashwagandha: This adaptogen has the ability to regulate cortisol, support the immune system, ease anxiety, and support thyroid function.
  2. Lion’s mane: This mushroom improves brain function, combats depression & anxiety, & is a known mood enhancer.
  3. Maca: This herb is known for its energy and libido boosting properties. 
  4. Pearl: This adaptogen of the sea has a great source of amino's to help nourish hair, skin, & nails.
  5. Cordyceps: This nutrient rich mushroom contains antioxidant properties as well as immune-enhancing properties.

How should you use adaptogens? Some of our favourite ways are to add them into Bo & Marrow bone broths, blend them into smoothies, coffee or hot chocolate. Because they have a relatively neutral earthy flavour, they’re usually undetected so you can enjoy a delicious beverage & reap the nutritional benefits without compromising flavour! 

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