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coveted morning brew

Choosing a mug to pour your coveted morning brew, blended matcha latte, or broth, is an extremely personal choice (we all have our favourites). But other than simply thinking about the aesthetic look of your mug, have you ever thought about other qualities of that mug (think environmental impact, health factors, effect on taste)? Today, many popular dish & cookware brands use a range chemical coatings that can leach into your food or drink causing potential harm, while other materials may compromise the flavour, & some pose a risk to our environment. But which are the worst offenders? And what’s the solution? We want you to be a little more thoughtful when it comes to choosing what you’re sipping from.  Don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you, take a peek to see what we think about 5 of the most popular dish ware materials:
  1. Plastic: Plastic products contain harmful chemicals that can leech into the beverage you’re sipping. They also don’t retain heat well, so that morning bevy will cool down quickly (so much for savouring every sip…) . If you absolutely HAVE to sip out of a plastic cup, make sure that its BPA free.  
  2. Paper: Disposable paper coffee cups, while you can generally get multiple uses out of them, after a few cups of your drink of choice, they end up in the landfill, putting undo harm on our environment. Additionally,  plastic cups often have a wax coating on the interior which can melt into your drink, changing the flavour, & adversely affecting your digestive tract.
  3. Metal: Metal cups heat up quickly but also cool off fast! But what’s worse is that metal can leave a metallic type taste in your mouth (sorry, but we’re not into heavy metal - pun intended)
  4. Glass: Glass is a great alternative to the number 1 spot, as it can be recycled material, but doesn’t hold the heat well, leaving you with a room temperature beverage in a matter of minutes (boo!)
  5. Ceramics: THE WINNER! Ceramic mugs hold heat well, don’t compromise flavour, and can be safely used without worrying about toxins leaching at high temperatures or what coating are making their way onto your morning brew. Plus, hand crafted ceramics are all the rage right now, making it easy find the perfect piece to match your personality (hey, you can even make one yourself). What makes this option even better is that you can support local makers by checking out shops in the surrounding area! Just make sure that you’re choosing products made from lead-free clay!

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