Glow with Bo

Glow with Bo & show yourself some face love this Canada Day long weekend by amping up a few key ingredients in your diet to get that healthy glow (#iwokeuplikethis). 
Your microbiome (a complex ecosystem of bacterias found in your gut),  is responsible for maintaining good digestion, metabolism, nutrient absorption, hormone balancing (& more). & there are a number of factors that influence the state of your personal microbiome (stress levels, sleep patterns, & quality of food). But when the homeostasis of your gut is disrupted, this can cause a wide array of problems throughout the body (think inflammation, weight gain, weakened immunity, headaches, & so on). Not only can a poor diet week havoc internally, it can also translate to your skin (we’ve all been there…). So how does one save their skin? Your body requires a balance of nutrients to stay healthy & yes, glow-y! While you may not see immediate results from making small dietary changes (sigh!), consistency is the key to long lasting results (you heard it here)! So, what should you stock up on & steer clear from? Check out our list of must & must not have foods to brighten up the skin you’re in & embrace the #makeupfreemovement this summer!
ten foods to love up on:
bone broth (we may be biased)
sweet potatoes
dark chocolate (rejoice)
cultured vegetables
citrus fruits
foods to kick: 
conventional dairy
refined grains 
refined vegetable oils 
trans fats (fried foods)

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