Flora to Sealing (Chinese Herbs Infused)
Flora to Sealing (Chinese Herbs Infused)
Flora to Sealing (Chinese Herbs Infused)

Flora to Sealing (Chinese Herbs Infused)

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This special broth, infused with Chinese herbs, is lovingly handcrafted, drawing from centuries of medicine and holistic health.
Ancient Chinese families and healers used bone broth to help build strong, healthy blood, support kidney health and support Qi, our overall vital essence. By fortifying the blood with bone marrow, strengthening the kidneys with essential nutrients, and harnessing healthy, pure foods, our ancestors believed we could live healthier, more harmonious lives. And Bo and Marrow agrees!

  •  Our unique broth fuses centuries of Chinese medicine with our Classic Chicken broth. A special blend of ancient herbs imparts deep flavors while detoxifying the gut, rebooting gut health in every sip. The savory concoction helps seal leaky gut and promotes ongoing whole-body wellness.

The broth is ideally suited for those suffering from digestive issues. The special blend helps restore good flora, vital for healthy digestion. For a tasty health reboot, drink 2-3 cups per week of Flora to Ceiling. 

Herbs: Huang Qi Zhi (Processed Radix Astagali), Dang Shen (Radix Codonopsis), Fu Ling (Poria), Chen Pi (Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae), Shan Zha (Fructus Crataegi), Bai Bian Dou (Semen Dolichoris Lablab), Da Zao (Jujube Fructus),Hua Jiao (Pericarpium Zanthoxyli) 
*Please consult with a practitioner before using. View Disclaimer

Love in Every Sip
Bo and Marrow’s sippable bone broths are hand-crafted, using only the best, locally-sourced ingredients, packed in space-saving, resealable bags for effortless use.

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Jill S.

Love me my Bo&Marrow!!

I absolutely love Bo&Marrow. I have suffered from severe constipation and stomach issues for 15 years. After being recommended by a friend to try this, I am so regular and have zero tummy issues. Thank you thank you!!

Jill S. verified customer review of Flora to Sealing (Chinese Herbs Infused)
Roxanne G.

Bone Broth Review

Hi There: I loved the taste of your bone broth. It tastes just like mine when I made it. I wish there was more broth in one package though for the price as its only about 2 1/2 cups in there and I had to pay 18 bucks shipping on top of it all. So that is why I gave my review 4 stars instead of 5.

Kailee S.


Excellent. Good flavour and love that it’s infused with Chinese herbs.

Jannine N.

Tasty and beneficial

I have not yet tried the Flora to Sealing broth, however I have tried the chicken and pho broth. Absolutely loving them so far. My initial worry was that they would be too salty as most brotha are but to my surprise they were not and I could easily drink a couple cups! Love being able to quickly enjoy a cup between my work patients. Can't wait to see results and continue using these broths as health essentials as I struggle with IBS and joint pain.

Jannine N. verified customer review of Flora to Sealing (Chinese Herbs Infused)
Michelle S.


I am a broth newbie but I’m hooked. I’ve had digestion issues most of my life but no more since drinking broth on the regular.

Michelle S. verified customer review of Flora to Sealing (Chinese Herbs Infused)