Tahlia Face & Body Balm
Tahlia Face & Body Balm
Tahlia Face & Body Balm

Tahlia Face & Body Balm

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Tallow has been used as a moisturizer for many centuries, long before any other face products were introduced to the market. Our tallow balm is rendered from our grass fed/finished animal fat. Yes.... “animal fat!”

Why animal fat?

Because tallow is incredibly close to that of the human skin cell. Tallow’s compatibility with our skin biology is its similarity to sebum, the oily, waxy matter that lubricates and waterproofs our skin. Tallow absorbs easily into the skin to improve the protective barrier function of the skin, prevent moisture loss and regenerate the appearance of healthy, youthful looking skin.

This balm aids in repairing damaged tissue, restores healthy youthful looking skin. Great for eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, and as a daily moisturizer suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Tip: You can use the tallow balm as a face wash (apply to your face, hold on a hot/wet washcloth until it cools, then wipe off the excess). Makeup free! Oil be gone! 

For babies: Use this balm for rash healing and prevention, eczema, cradle cap, and dry skin.


  • Minimal ingredients: Grassfed tallow, Olive oil, Lavender, Frankincense
  • Non-greasy, and totally chemical-free (so it's safe to use anywhere on your body)
  • Contains vitamins A, D, K, and E. (These vitamins cannot be found in plants which are a primary source for many other moisturizers.)

Directions: Store in a dry, cool place. Tallow will start to liquify at 85-105 degrees. Apply in small amounts, avoiding sensitive areas. Good for all skin types. Store in a cool, dry place.

"We believe in using up the whole animal and not allowing any of it to go to waste. Using innovative methods to raise awareness for the importance of sustainability, upcycling waste material from unwanted animal bits & pieces is thought-provoking & environmentally impactful." - Diane & Jonathan #sustainability

*Please note that orders with bone broths must exceed $50 for shipping outside of Edmonton.  


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Janice G. Verified Buyer

So soothing!

I love this! My husband is going through cancer treatments and his skin is getting very dried out...I use this on his body after showering and apply it to his face at night, he finds it soothing and the fragrance helps his sleep!

Larissa P. Verified Buyer

Life Changer

I’ve heard about this product a while back and have been meaning to try it. I suffer from combination, dry & sensitive skin with the occasional eczema. Since it switched to this balm to my evening & morning routine it has changed my skin! I especially noticed a huge difference in my skins texture, acne scars diminishing and an overall glow! I will continue to use this everyday and spread the word!

Christine T. Verified Buyer

Thalia face and body balm

The balm is great but not loving the smell... a bit conflicted because it works great!

Alin F. Verified Buyer

Excellent Product!

I started using the Tahlia Face and Body Balm a couple of weeks ago and I immediately noticed a difference. I have very dry and sensitive skin and Canadian winters are especially bad. Within 24hours my skin particularly on my cheeks and forehead (which had previously been so dry it was red and flaky) felt very smooth. I have not had any signs of reaction, clogged pores or any residual greasy feeling from the product. I wont be without this product now! This was the first Boandmarrow product that I tried and it has me wanting to try everything they make!

Meaghan J. Verified Buyer

LOVE. That is all.

I bought this off a recommendation from someone else that's experienced a rough time with the dry climate of Calgary, I too was in the same boat so I thought I'd try it out. My initial thought was that it's a bit pricey, but after using it for a couple weeks, it's honestly worth its weight in gold. I get incredibly itchy legs as soon as they hit the air, and this stuff has become my saving grace this winter. I'm also typically terrible at putting creams on habitually, so I kind of do it to myself, but I actually use this stuff religiously. Thank you guys for an awesome product.

Meaghan J. verified customer review of Tahlia Face & Body Balm