Meet our wonderful advisory panel...

Sally Powis-Campbell
Registered Psychologist
Wholistic Health YYC Psychology Services Inc.

Whole Mind // Whole Foods // Whole Body. Sally is the founder of Wholistic Health YYC (WHyyc), she is mindful foodie, first and foremost, Sally is also a competitive athlete, mama of 2 toddlers, psychologist, yoga teacher, meditation guide and writer. Sally primarily offers psychology services on the topics of mindfulness (parenting, eating, movement, meditation, mindfulness for athletic and business performance), eating disorders, nutrition psychology and sport psychology. To live wholistically involves living a lifestyle that nourishes both the body + mind, and being constantly aware of your needs and how they change. A conversation on mental health should include gut health and the growing body of research about the connection between the gut and brain. Hence microbiome supporting and gut healing foods such as bone broth and fermented foods are an integral part of her discussions in the community and in session with clients.


Sabrina Souto, R.Ac., TCMD
Sabrina’s career in Holistic Health began more than 15 years ago at Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. After graduating, she traveled to China to work within Huang Zhou’s Clinics and Hospitals. Following this, Sabrina worked alongside her mentor; the renowned Dr. David Chu for 6 years, specializing in Cancer support, Immune regulation, Mental Health and Fertility".
What I like to do for fun: I love live music and eating tons of chocolate for fun:)
Chef Carly Ashdown
Carly Ashdown is a veteran chef and nutritionist who has partnered up with Bo & Marrow to help grow their product line. After being diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and having the great journey down the rabbit hole that is our “health” care system, Carly knows what truly drives our health, vitality and wellness…..and it doesn’t come in the form of a magic pill. It is in how we connect with our food, environment and the people we surround ourselves with.
Carly trained at the Dubrulle International Culinary & Hotel Institute of Canada. She has had the unique opportunity to work in many kitchens across the globe with some well known and passionate people in amazing places. With this experience, Carly is hoping to combine her over 2 decades worth of culinary knowledge with proper nutrition to help people take the next step in the evolution that is real “healthcare”.
Mia Shettler
Certified in Natural Nutrition C.H.N
The Wellth
Mia Believes that personal wellth is an ever-evolving journey, one we revisit countless times throughout our life. Our state of wellbeing will vary depending on our lifestyle choices, our connections to the physical environment (land + air + water + plants) and social environment (conversations + friends + leisure activities). The Wellth is a resource that helps clients bring focus and attention back to their individual holistic needs through nutrition, physical movement, and self-care. Mia works with clients to identify vulnerabilities and work through barriers that have prevented them from achieving their ultimate wellth. She works alongside clients to help them reconnect with their true self and strengthen their mind and body connection. Mia has dedicated her life to the pursuit of wellness — it’s not just about food, but shining a light on how deserving we are to feel healthy. The more we know about our bodies, our food, and our well-being, the sooner we can recognize that we have a powerful ability to impact the way we feel every day and the better we can care for ourselves. Together let's rewrite your wellness story, one that’s completely authentic to you!