Not long ago, I was over-caffeinated, overstressed, and overworked at a job I didn’t enjoy, in a life that wasn’t mine. My mind and body were in crisis and I was crashing – hard.
My mom, who had sensed I was in distress, suggested an age-old family recipe: bone broth simmered from scratch. Reluctantly, I made some and started sipping on my morning commute.
Soon, my brain fog cleared, my hair grew strong, and my skin improved. I started to feel energized again. I couldn’t believe that in the midst of my crazy life, a simple pot of bone broth could make me feel renewed. (Mom was right!)
I started sharing my broth with family and friends, who began to tell me it was too good to keep to myself. So, my husband and I made more and started sharing our recipe at local farmers’ markets and health food stores. Soon, the media began to take notice. It didn’t take long before we left our full-time job for a full-time mission to bring Bo and Marrow’s goodness to the world.
For those of you who do it all, this bone broth is for you!
- Diane Williams, Co-Founder, Bo and Marrow