"My work-life is still crazy busy. Now I am able to buy a high-quality bone-broth in a fraction of the time it would take me to make it - and without the fuss of running around, seeking out the right quantity of organic, collagen-rich bones." - Suzanne

"Very good broth! I am a repeat customer and am always pleased with the product!" - Kristina S.

"This is SO fabulous!!!! Stress reducing and gut healing bone broth!?!" - Kara H.

"For years I’ve had some minor chronic back pain and it seems like as long as I’m getting enough broth into me on a regular basis I’m able to stretch out my pain meds a bit." - Scott W.

"Bo & Marrow has become a staple in my meal prep routine. Not only is it full of flavor, but it’s also really convenient and packed with nutrients! The chicken is definitely is my favou- rite. Both my gut and taste buds approve!" - Steven L.

"So yummy! I look forward to my evening broth every night. Chicken and beef are my favs!" - Lisa G.

"They are truly a life-saver for me. Thanks Diane and Jonathan!! - Suzanne I drink this stuff every day! I enjoy them all right out of the bag." - Scott W.

"Ok, I drank my last broth last night. I’m already having withdrawals." - Elise M.

"Absolutely delicious and I love the health benefits. Great product!" - Michelle M.

"It’s savoury and tastes nourishing and filling going down too; not like the watery and bland stuff at the grocery store." - Scott W.

"Beyond excited that I came across your soups!!! Amazing!!!! Thank you!!!!!!" - Gloria

"Chicken and beef is what we have tried so far! We are hooked, addicted lol. Thank you."- Gloria

"Digging into my bowl of broth and eggs right now! Cheers!" - Rachel R.

"I love you people! Excited for your perfected elixir!" - Kat R.

"They are putting out some of the highest qual- ity bone broths out there... And this one spe- cifically helps mommas!!!! How cool is that!?!?"- Kara H.

“We love Bo & Marrow! Its a nourishing way to start the day or settle into a meditation in the evening. We often use it as substitute for tea. We have felt our digestion improve and the cold season has seemed to by pass us. Diane & Jon are very committed to their product, recipes and the community. We are happy to say that Bo & Marrow are a staple in our lives now. “ - Amanda & Sabrina, Mala & Me

“I have been prescribing bone marrow for years in my practice and was over the moon to discover Bo & Marow. It is convenient, high quality, and effective for energy improvement, digestion regulation and an overall immune booster. Diane & Jon also have blends that in- corporate Chinese Herbs which gives an add- ed therapeutic value. It is now a staple in my home and practice. Congrats Bo & Marrow on an excellent product!” - Sabrina Silins (www.fertileway.com)

“I have recently started sipping on the bone broth as a supplement. Great flavour and can feel the effects of using the bone broth in such a positive way, in all aspects.” - Eduardo S.

“Tastes really good! I know from my research that bone broth has so many health benefits and after using yours for the last week I am already seeing results! My heartburn is just about nil, and even my nails look better, bonus!” - Susan T.