How do I prepare my bone broth?

Thaw Bag, heat 8oz in a pot on the stove, bring to a gentle boil, pour into your favorite mug or thermos, sip and nourish!
When should I drink bone broth?

MORNING: A kick start when you need a fuel reserve for the day.
AFTERNOON: For the hustlers that are on the go, our broth can
serve as a meal replacement or a energy rich side to a light meal.
POST WORKOUT: Rich in protein, amino acids and minerals, it
will help replenish and benefit your entire body.
NIGHT: For those who have trouble settling down after a long day,
you will find brothing before bed both comforting and soul nourishing.

Why Bo & Marrow bone broth?

Our bone broths are simmered for over 30-48 hours which is loaded with all the good stuff using nothing but ORGANIC ingredients. It is so good for you that we encourage people to incorporate a cup a day into their daily routine.  We put a lot of time into our broth to make it a true sippable bone broth. We only use the finest ingredients in our broths so that you can feel awesome each time you drink a cup of bone broth. Your gut will love you for it!

Fun fact: We do not reuse our bones. 

What is the difference between Bo & Marrow bone broth and store bought stock in a box or can?

The biggest difference is that the store bought broth contains no nutritional value. Typically when a food is "shelf stable" they boil it or what's called "hot flash method" the product into a container to kill any bacteria (good and bad) and seal without air. This hot cooling will typically destroy the good proteins (gelatin) in the broth.


How can I heat the bone broth?

We suggest thawing it overnight in the refrigerator. You can heat it in a saucepan over gentle heat on the stove. 

Can I use Bo & Marrow Bone Broth to make soup or add it to my stir-frys?


How long will the bone broth last?

Your bone broth will last up to 7 days refrigerated and up to 6 months frozen.

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