Multi Pack 2 Classic Beef, 2 Classic Chicken, 2 Pho Real

Multi Pack 2 Classic Beef, 2 Classic Chicken, 2 Pho Real

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Our Multipack includes:

  • 2 Classic Beef
  • 2 Classic Chicken
  • 2 Pho real




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Paige G.

Exactly what I needed

Ever since becoming pregnant I’ve been extremely sick and tired. I’m such a health food person and have found myself craving really bad foods, I was concerned I wasn’t getting enough essential nutrients during my first trimester because of the sickness. I purchased a multi pack and it has seriously been a saviour this first trimester, especially with how cold it has been outside! I will definitely be purchasing again, they’re so tasty and great to use in cooking. I’ve been just sipping mine everyday as a supplement morning and evening to help with the nausea.

Paige G. verified customer review of Multi Pack 2 Classic Beef, 2 Classic Chicken, 2 Pho Real
Sarah M.


We enjoyed all the brothe we had! They were not only fresh but flavourful, hearty & delicious. They arrived next day after purchase, I will definitely purchase more

Misty s.

Delicious and easy.

Shipping was very fast. All 3 flavours are great. It takes 2 minutes to warm up in a pot and then I just drink it like tea. I recently dislocated my shoulder and need it to heal fast, so bone broth was recommended to me for the collagen and essential nutrients it provides.

Misty s. verified customer review of Multi Pack 2 Classic Beef, 2 Classic Chicken, 2 Pho Real
Hana Price

Love Brothing

I am new to brothing and have been loving it so far. Not only is it a great way to get protein into my diet, I have tons more energy, and I am starting to see changes in my skin. Looking forward to reaping the long term benefits of bone broth!

Sarah R.

I was missing out until Bo&Marrow!!!!

I knew the benefits of bone broth and I was drinking it everyday BUT what I didn't know was I was missing out on how delicious bone broth should be! I was consuming a store bought broth, but found myself masking the smell and taste of it by adding lime, salt or pepper just to be able to drink it. Enter Bo&Marrow! I knew I loved this company when I found them on Instagram because I loved everything about them. I bought the multi pack to try all the flavours ...WOW!!! All the flavors were so delicious! I couldn't believe that I was choking down other broths trying to get all the benefits, and sadly missing out on flavor and actually enjoying what I was drinking!! I told you I'd be a life long customer!!!